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About Beacon School

At Beacon School, we measure our success through our students’ success.


Not every student can succeed in the public school environment. Some students require emotional and academic support to participate successfully in a classroom setting. Beacon School is designed to serve and nurture these students through a series of specialized programs, created to promote self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. We believe that students flourish when given the tools for success within a caring environment.

our history

Founded in 1970 to expand educational opportunities for special education students, Beacon School specializes in preparing our students to transition to public school and/or vocational opportunities. Our goal is to help students become independent and contributing members of today’s society.

our mission

As we have progressed over the years, Beacon has continued to develop new ways to assist our students and our school districts. We have expanded our opportunities to support students through our Therapeutic Support Service Program, a collaborative effort by Beacon School and various school districts throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo County. This program allows students to transition to a comprehensive campus or remain in the least restrictive setting to obtain an education in the least restrictive environment.

Therapeutic Support Service Classroom

Designed to meet the needs of special education students requiring additional behavioral and therapeutic support in the classroom on a comprehensive campus. This program offers an opportunity for special education students who are ready to transition to a less restrictive setting and those students that may be in need of additional support on a comprehensive campus. The classroom provides a safe environment with a therapeutic and behavioral component to provide the additional support needed to be successfully mainstreamed.


  • Population Served: ED SLD, ID, AUT, and OH
  • School Serves: Grades 6-12 and Post Senior

Therapeutic Educational Environment

Beacon School offers a therapeutic educational environment designed to meet the needs of special education students with emotional disturbance, autism spectrum disorder and students with other disabilities that may affect their behavior in the school setting. Students attend school for six periods per day and receive academic, behavioral and therapeutic support throughout the day.
A full curriculum is offered designed to meet the state standards for all academic areas.
Counseling is offered to students individually and in a group based on the needs assessed by the IEP team.

  • Over 40 years of experience in special education
  • Individualized instruction
  • Credentialed Teachers
  • Licensed Therapists

Classroom Environment

Small Group Setting
Behavior Coach
Clinician/ Therapist