Designed to meet the needs of special education students requiring additional behavioral and therapeutic support in the classroom on a comprehensive campus


This program offers an opportunity for special education students who are ready to transition to a less restrictive setting and those students that may be in need of additional support on a comprehensive campus. The classroom provides a safe environment with a therapeutic and behavioral component to provide the additional support needed to be successfully mainstreamed.

Classroom Environment
Small Group Setting
Human Centered
Behavior Coach
Clinician / Therapist

Students will receive individual and group therapy on a weekly basis. The goal of the therapeutic component is to address school related issues and develop positive interventions into behaviors that are preventing success in the classroom. The therapist participates within the classroom when not meeting with students. This allows for additional support for the students should they require immediate intervention support.

A behavioral coach is placed full time within the classroom. Our approach to success includes a behavioral incentive program for all students. The classroom staff and the student develop behavioral and academic goals. This translates into earning points each period for on task compliance. The behavior coach records this information by period. As students earn points they are able to progress and earn more privileges within the classroom and on the campus.

The teacher, behavior coach and therapist work closely with the family in order to provide everyone on the team the ability to best support the student. Additional meetings with the family are encouraged for those students that appear to have difficulty maintaining progress within the program.