District Based
Therapeutic Support
Mental Health Services

Therapeutic Support Services

Beacon offers an inclusive model of mental health and behavioral services for district schools. We are able to provide one therapist and one behavioral/mental health coach to work collaboratively with district personnel in the school setting. Components of this program are as follows:

  • Partner with school psychologist to identify students that might benefit from short term support
  • Assess students for additional needs
  • Create a plan for school site/classroom/student to follow to address challenges the student faces
  • Provide short term support and behavioral planning to assist challenging students
  • Model appropriate interventions and assist district professionals in shaping positive behavior
  • Provide group counseling opportunities for students who are good candidates for intervention
  • Provide classroom training for professionals working with challenging students
  • Complete mental health assessments and recommendations
  • Collaborate and assist districts with future mental health needs, outcomes and facilitation

Assist districts in developing strategies to utilize for students with mental health issues through trainings, modeling and creating plans that effectively impact students and school professionals